Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of credit adjudicators will quickly review your application and you can be approved in as little as an hour or less.
Fill in the application and send it along with a bill of sale for the vehicle you wish to purchase. We will review your credit and get back to you in most cases within an hour or less. We approve loans with people with credit challenges.
We will email you a list of pictures that you need to take of your car and your identification. You will return these pictures to us via email. We then create a loan document and send it to you. You sign it and return it via email or fax. In exchange for the loan, we are requesting the car as collateral to secure the loan. Since you will be in possession of the vehicle, we need to know when the vehicle is. We will ship and arrange for the installation of a tracking device in your vehicle in one of our approved facilities nearest you. You will be scheduled in to have it in stalled and once installed we will put the money in your bank account.
You get your money as soon as we have all the pictures requested, the signed loan documents and the tracking device is installed in your vehicle. As soon as the tracking device goes live, you will have your money within 1-2 hours in your bank account that you gave us for making your monthly payments.
Simply fill out the application and send it with your repair/accessory estimate, drivers license, ownership and insurance. You can email or fax it. Once we receive your documents, you will be contacted with an amount that you are approved for. You can spend up to the approved amount at the repair/accessory shop. We will send the repair/accessory shop the necessary loan documents for you to sign and return. We will pay the repair accessory shop directly on your behalf and you will make monthly payments on the loan to Auto Focus Canada until paid in full. You will not need to pay any up front fees and will have no out of pocket expenses. Your first payment is not due until 30 days after your repair is completed. Some loans may require a tracking device installed in your vehicle, which is included in the monthly payment of your loan.
YES. Your Title/Repair or Accessory Loan can be paid off after 90 days. We require that you make a minimum of three (3) payments and your loan is turned in to an open loan. You can pay the entire loan off after 90 days without any penalties and you are not forced to pay the remaining interest on the loan. The interest stops the day the loan is repaid so you only pay interest up to that point which can save you lots of money in the long run.
Before you miss your payment contact your account representative. They will work with you to find an alternate payment date based on your payday schedule. A small Hold fee will be applied to your loan for holding your payment. You can make up the missed payment plus the Hold fee by sending us the money via e-transfer or you may be asked to make your payment directly to our bank and make the deposit to an account which will be given to you by your account representative. If you contact us 48 hours before your payment is due, we can save you some expensive NSF charges and a Late Fees which can be much more costly. Plan ahead and save on fees and bank charges.
We offer loans to most locations in Ontario, (some exceptions apply). Call our office to see if we offer loans in your area of Ontario. We do not offer loans outside of Ontario.
YES. We offer loans to people with credit challenges and in most cases case we can still offer you a loan.
NO. It is not mandatory, however, in order to offer credit reporting, we will require your Social Insurance Number on file.
YES. In most cases we can accept the last three months bank records to show that you have an income.